Are your clothes reflecting your Personal Brand?

I work with companies and individuals to help them develop and communicate their professional and personal brands. It’s my job to ensure that a client’s style and image accurately reflect who they are or the company they own or work for.

Understanding a client’s personality is key here. I’m exclusively shopping for and dressing my client with a personal approach, you are not a mannequin. Taking time to get to know your unique spirit and story helps me your project an authentic image. You are what give life to the clothes, not the other way around.

You can create a personal brand through clothes. The heart and soul of Personal Brand knows who you are and when you know your keywords, dressing in a way that best represents you is easier.

Dealing with branding/image

What is the image you want? When you walk into your closet each morning, you are doing much more than simply getting dressed. You are creating an image that either represents who you are, or you are allowing your clothing and fashion to determine that for you. Whether you are working in an office or working in your home, whether you are a wife, mother or businesswoman, businessmen, or all of the above, it is important to know what your image says about you.

Your Personal Brand reflects who you are, what you stand for, and what you do. Your personal style is a great way to express these things.

  1. Figure Out Who You Are

– Knowing who you are is hugely important when determining how to present yourself as a brand. After all, how can you sell yourself to a potential client without knowing exactly what you stand for?

  1. How To Determine Your Brand?

– Think about three emotional words that best describe you or three adjectives you’d like to be described.

– Then, think about what colors and images best represent those words.

  1. Action

– Now, look at your clothes, shoes, accessories, and so on – Do they reflect your brand?

Things to consider…

Develop your personal dress style, appearance, and image that consistently scream what you are about.

Have a signature look or style. What will people remember about you? What do you want people to remember about your appearance?

Not sure what to wear? Here are few ideas:

– Wear an eye-catching piece of jewelry or watch.

– Quickly capture your audience by wearing a personally flattering color at your next pitch meeting.

– Wear modern, on-trend business appropriate outfits to visually send the messages that you are an innovative and progressive professional.

When professional women and men look good, and they feel good, they’re unstoppable!

Your Business Stylist,