How to Dress like a Boss & Create Your Own Distinct Look with Your Wardrobe

Okay, boss lady. You’ve got a killer website, an awesome team, amazing clients, and a brand that is flourishing beautifully. Things are popping right now for your business. Take a look at your schedule for next week. I’m sure your endless list of to-dos looks a little something like this:

  • Monday: Meetings, meetings and more meetings.
  • Tuesday: Skype call with your business bestie.
  • Wednesday: You’ve got an awesome webinar packed with helpful information.
  • Thursday: A speaking engagement. Oh, and you have to pack for that conference next week.
  • Friday: Happy hour with your boo.

But, wait..hello? What are you going to wear?

As entrepreneurs, our schedules and lives can get a little hectic. Okay, a lot hectic. Nonetheless, that’s no excuse not to look your best. Crafting a cohesive, consistent, and curated wardrobe that aligns with the aesthetic of your brand will not only do wonders for your business, but it will greatly impact your self-confidence, which will in turn make you more successful.

Do I have your attention yet? No? Okay, well what if I told you that you could make more money from your business by cultivating and elevating your style and your wardrobe?

“If you want to be the boss, you’ve got to dress like a boss.”

Hate to break it to you, but as much as you may not want to admit it,  your image is really important, especially when you are a boss. When you walk into a room full of new faces, your personality isn’t the first thing people notice. It’s what you put on your back, and the confidence that radiates through when you put an awesome outfit on. Yeah, they really do matter.

“The first step to a great personal brand is a distinct look.”

But before you go running to your closet and start freaking out about what you need to wear to look like the boss babe that you are, breathe. Branding your wardrobe is no walk in the park without a strategic plan of action.

What is the message you’re trying to convey with your image and branding style?

– Define Your Target Market

– What is your typical work environment like?

– What is the impression you’re trying to give?

– How well does your wardrobe differentiate you positively from your competitors?

– How Does your Wardrobe Affect Your Brand?

– How to Create Your Boss Babe Wardrobe?

I can help you to create for you the perfect Personal branding style suiting your business and style.

Love to hear you soon!

Your Personal Stylist,