I would love to share with you how to look more luxury for less with my 10 steps to get  a more luxury look.

10 steps to get the luxury look


1. Keep your wardrobe the same colors, keep it clean with neutral colors and do not use to much patterns.

2. Use and invest in timeless and classic pieces, like a silk blouse.

3. Mix and match your look with fast fashion and high end fashion brands.

4. If you are wearing your total outfit with Fast Fashion (like Zara or H&M), you can give it a more luxury look with High End Accessories, like a belt from Gucci, pumps from Valentino or your handbag from Louis Vuitton.

5. Use neutral Make-Up, either you have a little accent for the eyes or your lips.

6. Take care of your wardrobe, do not put everything in the dryer like your jeans, it will last much longer if you let it dry in fresh air. Use a lint roller if you have dogs and always see that your clothes are not wrinkled and please iron your clothes.

7. Make sure your clothes fit, do not buy something to small or to big, if something like pants doesn’t fit for your waist, go to a tailor to have the perfect fit.

8. Do not invest in pieces when you know it’s a Fashion trend for 1 season, but look for good look a likes what is inspired like a high end.

9. Use a wardrobe checklist, what you need as basics in your wardrobe (this will be soon published in my blog).

10. Wear the right look at the right moment and the right place.