As a business owner you encounter all kinds of situations that requires adjustment in decisions, guidance of your organization and meeting people of all levels.

To support your professionalism, it can be of a great support that your appearance is balanced between the situation you are in and the style you are wearing. Reaching your goals by making the right steps and decisions is one way…YOU will achieve more result if  your appearance is adjusted to the goals you want to reach.

There are various looks/styles that can support your professionalism or build your image to support your position as a business owner.

  • Formal business: The most common way is off course wearing a suit, however ther are many choises to make to get te right look wearing a suit. Every brand has its own looks which gives you a style and image. When you are not sure about what to wear is this the best choice.

  • Smart Casual: A defined dress code that is generally a neat yet casual attire. Different locations, kind of events can have varying interpretations of the dress code and therefore the jeans as smart casual.
  • Business Chic: When you have a meeting with investors, the bank or other important meetings, recommended when you need to be taken serious.